​All vacancies in the International Criminal Court are published on the ICC eRecruitment site. Candidates need to have a profile registered in the eRecruitment system in order to apply for a vacancy.
Ref. Code Job Title Level  Duty Station Deadline
​3087EE-RE2 Freelance Field Interpreter (Fulfulde, Songhay, Tamasheq, Bambara) ​G-7 Various​ open​
​​4079EE-POAssociate Interpretation Coordinator​​P-2​The Hague​22.10.2014
​4080EE-REVDirector of the Division of External Affairs and Field Operations​​D-1​The Hague​26.10.2014
​4082EE-REVChief of the ​​External Relations and Field Coordination Section​​​P-5​The Hague​27.10.2014
​4081EE-REVChief of the Budget Section​​​P-5​The Hague​28.10.2014
​4083EE-REVChief of the Finance Section​P-5​The Hague​28.10.2014
​4084EE-REVChief of the Informa​tion Management Services Section​​P-5The Hague​29.10.2014​
​4085EE-POData Management Officer​​P-3​The Hague​06.11.2014
​4062EE-PORField Operations Assistant​​G-5​Kinhasa​27.10.2014
​4063EE-PORField Operations Assistant​​G-5​Kampala​27.10.2014
​4086EE-PRResearch Assistant​​G-5​The Hague​27.10.2014
Assistant Analyst​
​P-1​The Hague​28.10.2014
​4087EE-REData Entry Clerk​​G-3​The Hague​28.10.2014
​4088EE-REParaprofessional Interpreter​​P-1​The Hague​12.11.2014
​4089EE-POData Processing Assstant (Kinyarwanda)​​G-4​The Hague​30.10.2014
​4090EE-RELogistics Assistant/Desk Officer​​G-5​The Hague​​30.10.2014​

​N.B. Deadline for applications is at midnight The Hague Time (CET/GMT+1).

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